Our Pets

Introducing our resident pets. They are all loving animals

Jen is our wonderful dog and has been part of our family for 8 years, and she enjoys walking by the sea. She is gentle and loving, and though she is getting a bit old now, she still loves attention. She is not very intelligent and only understands - hugs, walkies, dinner, and belly rubs. If you were ever nervous around dogs before, particularly rottweilers, then she will probably cure you

Elton is a charming snow bengal cat, and likes nothing more than stretching out in front of a warm fire in the evenings. He is quite shy, and is often spotted roaming around in the garden and guarding his territory from other cats in the neighbourhood. Please keep your doors shut in case he looks for somewhere to rest He is very gorgeous, but he knows it too.

The chickens have their own section of the garden, but don't mind visitors too much as they are too busy looking for bugs to eat. The group numbers 12, and they provide delicious eggs for guests every morning with bright yellow yolks. Along with them is their rooster, James, but he is a big wimp and will run away as soon as he feels nervous. Top of the pecking order is Margaret, who is a lovely white breed.